Taking all you 90s kids down memory lane… Childhood TV!

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood, getting a little bit nostalgic for the 90s!
I guess it has stemmed from working with young kids, who tell me about what they like to watch on TV and which toys they play with. Everything is so different for kids these days! I’m only 22, I can’t believe i’m using the phrase “kids these days” but it’s true, things have changed so much from when I was growing up. So i started off by watching a few introductions from the shows I used to watch and it escalated quickly into an evening of reminiscing. Some of the things I rediscovered are pure gems and it seems criminal not to share them!

I’ve been inspired to start off a mini little blog series of “throwbacks to the 90’s(ish)”
I say “ish” because a few thing will probably creep in from a little later on, I was born in 1991 so I’m just on the cusp of being a 90s baby really – my pre-teen years were actually in the early noughties!

Anyway I’ll post movies, games and toys, food, music and all sorts of other stuff we thought was cool when we were growing up in the next week or so before Christmas and hopefully it’ll bring back some memories for anyone reading! To start off i’m going for the TV shows. It’s a MAMMOTH post, I don’t expect you to get through it all but if you’re prepared for the rewarding long haul journey down memory lane then I’d go and get yourself a cup of tea or something cause you might be here a while πŸ˜‰

Travel and China posts will resume after this little detour!

Oh and please do get in touch and let me know if any of these strike a chord with you or if there are any more you think deserve to be added to the list!


Let’s start off with the really young stuff, I watched these things when I was under 6? I’d imagine!

I used to LOVE this, I found it so funny! I also had a tape version that my poor mum and dad would have to sit through on long car journeys!

Old Bear and Friends
Really fuzzy feeling seeing this again – such lovely stories! The Christmas Star one was the best !



Come Outside!
Here’s that episode when she found out all about POOP. Yep, we all watched and enjoyed this. I used to get called Pippin a lot at school because of Aunt Mabel’s dog!

Rosie and Jim
This would be on when I got home from school, catchy theme tune πŸ˜‰ you’re singing it, I know you are πŸ˜›


Tots TV
Again this was one of my favourites, maybe this is where i got my love of French from!


Tom and Jerry
A classic of course!

Postman Pat


I LOVE penguins and I LOVED Pingu


Sooty and Sweep


Bodger and Badger
Does anyone remember the other version of the intro song people used to sing? “everybody knows that badger picks his nose, he licks it he flicks it he wipes it on his clothes!”




Rupert Bear


I used to love the ginger cat πŸ™‚


Some more classic cartons!Β …

Count Duckula
I remember watching this in Germany

Dr Zitbag’s Transylvania Pet Shop
Took me a while to find this one, I had to google “women with lightning bolts in their hair” to get it! They were quite memorable haha

Looney Tunes

I Am Weasel
“You don’t need pants for the victory dance cause baboons better than weasel!”

Dexters Lab
“DEE DEE!!!”

Hey Arnold!
Was it just me who thought he was wearing a kilt? Its his long shirt apparently!

Pinky and the Brain

Gotta catch em all! used to watch the episodes on Saturday mornings during SMTV Live

Cow and chicken
So random and weird, yet pretty good!

Wacky races
Another classic

Powerpuff Girls
The opening is sooo good!

Used to love Spinelli, the little bad-ass!

And the coolest theme song award goes to…

Can’t miss this one off the list really can I?!?

Typical after school viewing…

The hand puppet thing, and the girl in yellow and black…weeeird

Art Attack
Loved this so much, so many ideas, so little time!

The Worst Witch
This show made me want to be a witch


The Queens Nose

Bernard’s Watch
To this day i still wish I had a watch like this

Fun House
Gutted I never actually got to go in the fun house, it was my secret childhood dream πŸ˜›

My Parent’s Are Aliens

Get Your Own Back
Dunk dunk dunk dunk!

The Demon Headmaster
Creeped me out !

Saturday evenings with the family…
It’s good but it’s not right! Say what you see!

Blind Date

Moment of Truth

Family Fortunes

Supermarket sweep
I always used to want to apply to go on it, still kinda do πŸ˜›

Wheel Of Fortune

Price is Right
Nice to see you, to see you NICE!

Play your Cards Right

Stars in their eyes
Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…


Crystal maze


You’ve been framed
The original youtube if you think about it..


The generation game (With Jim Davidson)
Really difficult to do the bit at the end!


Big Break
Daddy daughter viewing


Getting a bit older now…


Two Of A Kind
Absolutely idolised the Olsen twins!

Clarissa Explains it All

Keanan and Kel
Who loves Orange Soda?? I do i do i do-ooooo

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
I first saw this cause it came on TV in our kitchen, and then I used to try and find it on the TV to watch whenever I could after that and my dad would be like “turn that rubbish off!” but i’d be like “IT’s SOOOO GOOD!” – With this and the Worst Witch I definitely knew I wanted to be a witch πŸ˜›

Sister sister
Tia and Tamera were sasssyyy

Kim Possible

Lzzie Maguire

That’s So Raven

Okay so the last three were early 00’s – but like i explained earlier they were very much part of my childhood since I was about 11/12 when they were out and so i’m wacking them on the end!

Till next time!



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