How to avoid doing work

Heyyy there,

So it’s that time of the year again when essay deadlines are looming ahead, exams are just around the corner and we slowly all go mad with fear as we get snowed under with work! yaaay!

So i’ve been inspired by this situation to write a handy little guide on how to avoid doing work and procrastinate from those deadlines!


This blog post will be in no way helpful or informative other than to instruct you on exactly what NOT to do if you wish to be productive. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


A day in the life of Procrasti-Pippa!!!! 😀


1– Set an alarm for 9.30am only to press snooze so many times that you end up staying in bed for at least another hour

Although this is clearly not me, this guys face is exactly the face i pull in the morning when i have things i need to get up and do. Yep

2– BREAKFAST TIME! I’d like to have cereal… and toast…maybe a yoghurt. Oh wait there aren’t any yoghurts??? Damn… i’ll just HAVE to pop to the shop then won’t I? doo de doo de doooo

3– Whilst at the shop looking for yoghurts, buy all ingredients needed to bake a cake.

photo (5)


5– Sort all toiletries out in the bathroom, throw away ones you don’t use anymore. Spend hours sniffing all of your products and reading the labels. It’s nice to know exactly what you have….

6– Tidy your room from top to toe, including under the bed

7– Paint your nails

photo (4)

8– Do laundry, then sit and watch the laundry go around in the washing machine for a while, just to make sure it is safe.

9– Watch some TV

10– Check Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube and every other Social Media site you are on.

11– Better get in the shower…

12– Now email all the friends you haven’t spoken to in aaaaages. ALL OF THEM!!

13– Stare at blank screen for a while, write five lines… TIME FOR A BREAK 🙂 you’ve been working hard…

14– Make some food, eat the food and then spend a very long time washing everything up. Taking extra care and attention to get everything squeaky clean and sparkly so that it takes up some more time. Mmmmm clean dishes. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen too!!

15- Sit back down at the computer with the genuine intention to now actually do some work and decide after a while that you’re not in the “zone” and you need to be in the “zone” to be able to work therefore there is just no point today.

16– Wake up the next morning and realise that it is one day closer to deadline day. Think: “WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!?! then repeat steps 1-15


Seriously now though, we all procrastinate….

If you have studying to do or anything important to do that you’re putting off then go and do it… NOW!!! don’t do the above because trust me the fear will kick in soon enough and you’ll panic…. GO AND BE PRODUCTIVE…..






You’re still here aren’t you?

Oh dear!!

Ciao, Pippa xxx


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