2 and half weeks of living in lyon :)


So, observations since i’ve been here:

  • The men here are much more up for being seen sporting man bags…
  • I love the French cafe culture, there are so many here and there are always people sat outside in the sunshine having a drink or reading a book. Makes me wonder why they’re always there though, do people not have jobs to go to? things to do? what happens in winter? are they there rain or shine?
  • The whole kissing people on the cheek thing can get really annoying, especially when it makes you feel rude because you don’t go to do it cause you forget..
  • There is a HUGE amount of administration here, but the organisation of said administration is AWFUL.
  • Everywhere closes at lunch for a break.. the French really don’t like working do they?!
  • French guys are creepers and the dating culture over here is way different
  • French girls are effortlessly pretty, especially on nights out they can get away with just jeans and a tshirt. Would not happen in the UK
  • Everyone smokes
  • Pain au chocolat is the best thing ever to be invented
  • Supermarkets are huge and expensive. Forget a quick trip to the supermarket to grab some essentials, you need to plan it as a whole afternoon out
  • The University of Lyon resembles something like a big old abandoned space station from the 60s
  • French students stick mostly to themselves
  • The inbetweeners in French is just not as funny. Nor is Jonny Engish…you cannot translate British humour
  • I have become obsessed with walking through the old part of town with an ice-cream
  • It’s expensive here
  • Ordering McDonalds is a nightmare because you have to put on a french accent to say “nuggets” or “burger”
  • Everybody loves bicycles. I really should use one to get round town, looks quite fun
  • Nobody in France likes to queue.
  • Most French people really like to practice their english, but not because they think you can’t speak french, they just love taking every oppurtunity they can to talk english with you
  • Clubbing is much more expensive

Can’t think of anything else right now

Will post again soon

Ciao, Pippa xxx


One thought on “2 and half weeks of living in lyon :)

  1. Hey I came across your blog as I’m also on my year abroad and have started a blog but am not sure if it’s worth publishing (I ramble so much) so wanted to check out some other blogs, and noticed loads of similarities between your observations and mine! Except yours is far more concise and readable. I went to Lyon last Easter and absolutely loved it, sometimes wish I was doing my year there, but Bordeaux is also a lovely city. Good luck!

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