Bonjour mes amis :)

Ca va?

Would you believe i only have three weeks left of my contract now – madness!
I feel quite at home and at ease in france now, it’s ‘normal’ to be living and working here. I’m actually quite glad i’m here given the circumstances in the UK at the moment, i heard about the riots over there and it makes me wonder what on earth the world is coming to! This always happens though, peacefull protests get taken over by anarchists and those looking to riot and obviously this time it’s gotten completely out of hand – i hope it gets sorted soon!

I heard about the riots on facebook and it made me realise that i haven’t been paying much attention to the news and the outside world at all, i’m very much in a bubble of what is happening around me and i want to change that this year, i’m going to try and keep up with current affairs in the UK while im away by reading on the BBC news website. I’ve also realised that i’m going to need to study hard to keep up my italian while i’m in france and vice versa because when i go back in my final year i’m determined to get a first. That’s very ambitious i know, but i think and i hope that i can do it!!

I’ve been reading Charlie Brooker’s ‘Dawn of the Dumb: Dispatches from the idiotic frontline’ in my spare time on work breaks and on the metro the past week or two and it’s sooo funny, i’ve laughed out loud of a few times on the train on the way to work and got some funny looks but he is just so cynical and grumpy he makes me laugh, he phrases things so well too.

I went out for a meal with some work friends the other night to a 50s diner where all the waitresses were on rollerskates and where i had a HUGE bacon/cheese burger followed by a brownie and a milkshake, we took lots of photos and had a really nice night. We even danced because at one point all the waiters and waitresses got up on the tables and started dancing to grease lightning – an experience to say the least!!! I’ve realised since being here that it’s definitely the people who make everything you do worthwhile and when i go to lyon i know it will be the people who will determine the outcome of my experience

This weekend my flatmate jess is coming to visit which i’m mega excited about, it’ll be a nice break because i’ve had a long week at work this week, we’re going to hopefully go around the disneyland park. Also this weekend it is my current flatmate’s birthday and we are all going to go and see Buffallo Bills Wild West Show which is a texan barbeque style meal with free beer tankards flowing all night while you watch a wild west show with horses etc – sounds like fun!!! it also sounds a bit similar to something i went to when i was on holiday in lanzarote which i really enjoyed so i’m expecting great things!!

Today it is my best friends birthday and i’m gutted i can’t be there for him, it’s the first time i’ve really wanted to jet back over to the UK, unfortunately it isn’t possible but i’m back on the 2nd september! I am so looking forward to lying in my double bed for 5 days straight and eating as much spaghetti bolognese as my mother can possibly cook!!!

On my to do list are:
1) apply for an erasmus grant
2) apply for CAF
3) get a french phone/simcard/contract
4) do my laundry
5) cash my first pay cheque and pay my rent!
6) look through all my papers for lyon
7) email lyon university
8) buy some disney things
9) call home
10) finish charlie brooker’s book

Ciao, Pippa xx


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