just a little thought…

lately i’ve been thinking i’d quite like to meet somebody nice right now, start up something special…you know, find my “prince charming’… and then it got me thinking that you’d assume at Disneyland Paris, finding a ‘prince charming’ would be a really easy task. But really ironically, it’s not at all!!! 90% of the men here are gay, and the rest are either taken or resemble beast from beauty and the beast. (not really, but you get my point)

Come on prince charming, where are youuuuu?

Ciao, Pippa x


2 thoughts on “just a little thought…

  1. Ou et les hommes? Don’t worry – be happy because as Grandma used to say “every pot has a lid” ! So somewhere out there your prince is at this very moment saddling up his trusty steed but as you know sat nav is a modern invention so it might take him some time to find you!

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