2 weeks in…


Today i have been here for exactly 2 weeks, how time flies!
The last time i wrote i was on a day off, and today i am too, but i am working hard – honestly!

I’m slowly becoming more and more competent in my job now, i don’t need to ask for help as much as i did in my first few shifts! the confidence is coming along a bit too with speaking french, although the worst thing is when you say something and you get asked to repeat yourself because your pronunciation is bad! i’m still learning to sound authentic, but i suppose it comes with time and it’s early days!

Some new words i’ve learnt since i’ve been here are:
Tampis – too bad (they say this ALL THE TIME)
Putin de merde – well, my mother reads this blog so i won’t translate this one
Bolosse – loser
Barbe-de-papa – candy floss (how cool is that they call it dad’s beard, ha!)
Cintre – Coathanger
Pansement – plaster (i cut my finger and it took forever to get a plaster because i didn’t know what the word was, untill Astrid realised that my bleeding finger needed attending too and told me the word :))

As you can tell from the first three words up there, i’m spending time with my work friends who are speaking lots of slang so it’s good for my “cool french” haha, sometimes it’s so hard to understand what they’re saying though if they’re sharing a joke  – i just sit and laugh and pretend i know whats going on 😛

On Wednesday night there were fireworks here in Torcy at midnight for the beginning of Bastille day so we sat and watched them out of Ruthie and Leanne’s window on the top floor of the hotel. Bastille day was great fun yesterday actually, there were people dancing in the street and all sorts. We went to Disneyland at about half 10/11 to watch the night parade, which is when all the characters go round the park on big floats but the floats are all lit up with fairy lights and light shows and stuff. Then after that there were fireworks above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I couldn’t help going into one of the shops on Main Street and i ended up coming out with a new friend…

^ Say hello to Stitch 🙂 He’s so cute i couldn’t resist, despite the fact i only ever saw Lilo and Stitch once and can’t much remember it. He looks a bit like a blue koala bear don’t you think? i might have to re-watch the movie some time soon hehe.
Talking of Disney Movies, i get to see Cars 2 before it even premieres apparently, for free. Can’t say i really want to see it, but i might go just because i can, mwahah!

Today i’ve been chilling, i was gonna go and explore Torcy a little bit, but couldn’t be bothered – i’ll go tomorrow and try and find this place: http://vaires-torcy.ucpa.com/sportetloisirs/plage/tabid/4727/Default.aspx
apparently it’s about a half an hour walk away 🙂

Tonight the plan is to go and see Harry Potter at the cinema in Disney Village, and then go out afterwards.

In other, non-Disney news, i got into the student accomodation in Lyon which means i only will have to pay about 240 euros rent per month rather than 500 euros if i were to have got a flat in the private sector. I’ve been really lucky, and it looks to be in a good area – it’s a big student village so i should hopefully meet lots of cool people from all over the world there.
Next week on my days off i’m thinking of maybe going to Cahors to see a friend, but it depends on the train times and prices!

I’m gonna go and check on my laundry now, here are some photos of the past 2 weeks…

The first day we got here, trip to the park

My 'costume'

Will, Amy, Me, Laura and Rhea in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

At our local bar in Torcy

Most of us in Ruthie and Leanne's room

A night at Billy Bob's Bar

Hanging out "Backstage"

Not sure why Will is nibbling my shoulder?


4 thoughts on “2 weeks in…

  1. Ha, Ha! Yes your Mother does read and understand but will have to translate for Dad! Looks like Disney is one big party and the sun always shines! xx

  2. Just read through the blog, looks like you’re having a fantastic time! My slang French is a bit rusty, but I seem to remember people use “mec” and “goss” a lot, may want to verify that with a local.
    Wow, you could do a good advertising campaign for Cars 2 😉

  3. I Googled translated Putin de merde and got… “Putin de merde”. Bloody autodetect! O well, I changed it to French and found out what it is!

    Wanna swap places for Cars 2? I loved Cars 1!

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