j’suis arrivee!!

I have finally crossed the border and i am now in FRANCE 🙂
it’s been a long, very tiring but fun day, i’m now just chilling in the new pad (ha) for the evening because we all have an early start tomorrow, need to get to disney university (yes such an awesomely funny place DOES exist…) by about quarter to 9

I arrived at Paris – Charles de Gaulle airport at about 9am (french time) this morning  and my first immediate thought was “oh…my….oh.. god that is HUGE!” the airport is literally like an entire city on its own, it reminded me of something out of star trek, or a good location for a “corporation” for a james bond movie. OR…. it also reminded me a bit of the thunderbirds/tracy island…..i was very easily impressed alright??! haha

My next adventure after quite a lovely flight where i had lots of leg room…was meeting ALAIN. (for anyone who went to beach break with me who may be reading this, i found him, i found alan!!! steve???? no…that’s ALAAAAN) *ahem*…anyway…. alain was a lovely french bus driver who took me from one end of the airport to where i needed to be…it really was so big…it took about 10 minutes. I was the only person on the bus and i had decided to speak in french and only french to anyone i bumped into so Alain began speaking back to me in french, he then decided that i was interesting or something so made me move to the special seat next to the drivers seat, and we had a lovely little french conversation about all sorts, he apparently wants to be a teacher – not a coach driver… he also wanted to improve his english and said “vous etes tres gentille pippa, enchantee” which means “you are really nice pippa, lovely to meet you!” – all in all, a good start to the day. Plus it was sunny, win!!!

Eventually i got to the ‘Fantasia building’ which is where i got given my housing info and signed a load of pieces of paper for disney. Note to self: France really is beaurocratic hell!!!!! aside from that though, the journey there made me chuckle, everything was quite drab and then as soon as you got into disney territory it was like…WOW, tree lined boulevards, wide pavements, green everywhere, flowers!!! i thought that i wouldn’t be too bothered by the  whole “disney is magical” vibe since i’m now 20 years old, but i had this weird grin on my face as soon as i saw the  disneyland signs, and it was just as magical and “omg disney” as when i was 9…. i wonder how long that will last after working there!!

We then all got on a coach to be dropped off at our hotel. By we i mean the group of us who all arrived at the casting center at the same time, including two nice danish girls, and laura – who has now ended up being my room-mate and happens to be from leicester university – small world!! The residence i’ve been placed in is like i said, actually a hotel which is three stops on the train (10 minutes) from disneyland parc, in a place called Torcy. It’s SO NICE.
The room i’m staying in has two beds, two desks, a tv with 35 channels, internet, a mini kitchen work top with stove, microwave , sink and fridge…. right outside the hotel is a big leisure complex, with a cinema and LOTS of restaurants including a subway… across the road from that is the train station and next to that is a big shopping center with a hyper market and a load of clothes shops including New Look….. my dream come true hehe but i shal try and refrain from spending all my wages!! Me and Laura went on a little wander to explore all of this and we went to the hypermarket (carrefour) to get some basic food – it was huge in there and the best thing was that all the staff were on rollerblades….that is now a job i want to do , work in a supermarket….on rollerblades!! It’s been really warm and sunny aswell which has made the day quite pleasant and added to the hype of it being all new and exciting. Like i said, not sure how long it will last or how long it will be untill culture shock sinks in..but hopefully since i’m in a nice place, with a nice flatmate and have been meeting more and more nice people as the hours go by i should really enjoy my time here.

The next few days are training days and i will find out about the job i am doing properly so that wil be interesting, i’m going to get sooo tired

But yeah, all is well – i am here, speaking lots of french and its so far so good.

Ciao, Pippa xx 🙂


One thought on “j’suis arrivee!!

  1. Helloooooo! I found you at last – Mum can do technology!!! Glad your experience so far has been positive and you are living somewhere nice, not like Cheryl’s accommodation in Butlins, ha ha! Who was in charge at the Disney University? Was it Professor Pluto with Dean Mickey Mouse in overall charge? Have googled Legends of Hollywood and it looks massive so you won’t be in a little kiosk type place on your own. You’ve had loads of hits so keep doing your blog and we’ll all keep reading the continuing adventures of Pippa ……a continuer………!

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