A whole summer in 3 weeks

Today i went shopping for some smart black work shoes and some more ‘continental’ clothes (because i don’t want to move over to france looking like a complete tourist, and wanted some long skirts, chinos etc!) I went with my long time friend Nikki who lives up the road from me, it was such a lovely day, and sunny too 🙂

When we said goodbye it got me thinking, the past few weeks since i finished 2nd year of university have flown by and they have been so fun! i’d even go as far as saying that it’s been the best summer yet. This is simply because i’ve had a limited amount of time in Swad (that’s where i live, i know it sounds like a funny place name but honestly it really exists…) where was i?…oh yes….a limited amount of time at home and i’ve been constantly busy catching up with friends before i leave, and doing everything i want to do in the UK before July 1st.

I had a night out in Burton with Rhiannon and Becca which was really good fun and then went to Solihull for my friend Jack’s 20th birthday afterwards to celebrate and also to see some good university friends too who are all going on year abroad, we had a brilliant weekend partying and then relaxing on the sunday and i met some new friends too (hello Mark if you’re reading this!) who seemed really nice so i hope to be able to stay in touch with them

Then Mike came to visit me and we went tobogganing, went for some walks and generally just had a nice chilled time together. As soon as Mike left i then went off to Bath to see some friends and we all went to Beach Break Live Festival 2011 in Camarthanshire (Wales) which was so so so much fun, i got to see so many bands and DJs. My favourites were Ed Sheeran, Example, Magnetic Man, Newton Faulkner, Zane Lowe, Nero, Sub Focus and Mark Ronson. I’d never been to a festival before and i loved it so much that i want to go again next year, maybe to the same one but maybe i’ll go somewhere even bigger like Glastonbury or Reading Festival. The company was lovely, i got to see my uni besties one last time before we all go away and really deepened some friendships

Just on a bit of a side note…i’m really into Ed Sheeran right now, i have listened to nothing BUT his music for the past couple of weeks, and my friend pointed out to me today that she can’t believe i know all the words to pretty much every song of his…haaaa obsession!! check him out if you haven’t already, he’s been around a while but is just starting to come to mainstream attention)

But yes back to where i was…after Beach Break i came home and relaxed for a day or two but then i’ve since been out in Leicester with my best girlfriends from home, i’ve seen my family (we had a BBQ in the sunshine!!) I spent a nice afternoon with my friend Dom who is like a brother to me and then today i’ve been shopping with Nikki. Tomorrow i’m going to the cinema to see Bridesmaids with Natt, on Wednesday me Dom and Jonny are going for a last meal and then Jonny and I are going to watch films together in the evening, then on Thursday i NEED TO PACK!

Phew ^ i really have been doing a LOT, it’s like i’ve packed a whole summer into an intense 3 weeks but it has been so worth it and i will remember all the happy memories once i go, i have made some wonderful friends and i really hope they are all still going to stick around even though they will all be in different places this year! I never had a good friendship group at secondary school but i feel like since sixth form and especially at university i’ve forged some really good friendships and met people that i always want to keep in my life and i’m really grateful for that.

I can’t believe how many people have actually read this blog so far, and i’ve had a few subscribers, thanks!!! i will try my best to keep it entertaining, i know this post is quite nostalgic but the sun is shining and i’m just in a really good mood and have had a really good few weeks 🙂 I’ve posted some photos below!

Till next time

Ciao, Pippa! x

A night out in Leicester

Rhiannon and Me in Burton

Me and some friends at Beach Break Live 2011

Me dressed as a parrot, fancy dress at Beach Break Live 2011


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