I’ve decided to (attempt to) keep up a blog while i’m on my year abroad in France and Italy this year because:

A) it will be a good way to let people know what i’m getting up to, and anyone who is interested is free to read
B) it might help me to learn something about myself through talking about my experiences
C) It’s an easy way to remember my time away for years to come 🙂

Oh by the way, i’m a list maker! making lists is something i do quite a lot to organise myself, a coping strategy i suppose – it allows me to keep track of things easier so you might notice a lot of little lists like that if you keep reading.


I leave the 1st July, so next Friday (VERY early in the morning!) and my first stop is Disneyland Paris. I’ll be working there for all of July and August so if anyone happens to go on a holiday over to Paris or to the actual park itself do come and say hello! i’ll be very busy smiling away, being magical and making dreams come true for children everywhere….hahaa not really, i’m not actually sure what i’ll be doing apart from i know that i’ll be based in the Legends of Hollywood shop – could be interesting! 🙂

I haven’t really been thinking about my Year Abroad until now, i’d purposefully been putting it off because it’s come around so fast and i wasn’t sure i was ready. If i’m honest it scares me a little bit. People keep telling me i’ll have an amazing time and i should be excited, and i know that – i AM excited! but right now i am also very nervous and apprehensive because i’m just diving head first into the unknown and that is a very scary thing to do indeed.
It all became very real yesterday when my mum gave me a silver bracelet that dad had once given her. It’s to keep to remember her by while i’m gone, i do come across as quite independant and my family can drive me nuts sometimes but deep down i’m a real home bird and i’m going to miss them so much, especially my mum who has been my rock (even if she isn’t aware of that fact) for the past few years. I know that may sound pathetic, it’s only a year and stuff – but it does worry me still anyway not having her around as much to rely on. I’ll also miss dad, and his grumbling at the television during the news. ha!

All in all, I’m sure this year ahead of me is going to be a challenging one, and it will mould me as a person, hopefully change my outlooks on life and give me things to think about whilst most importantly being really fun and worthwhile with lots of storys to tell!!!!

My Skype is “pippaloveschad”  – I know it’s stupid, Chad is a very special toy elephant that happened to be around in the room when i made the account, he belongs to a friend and she jokingly told me to make that my name since i couldn’t think of anything – so i did!
Would be lovely to hear from people, it’s always nice to know that people care about what you get up to and want to stay in touch, and i will of course welcome any care packages sent my way! *cheeeeky* (i’ll update with my French address as soon as i know what it is… :))

Next time i write i hopefully should have packed and be ready to go!

Till then…

Ciao! Pippa x


3 thoughts on “Hello!!

  1. hi pip its nice to see your blog. I am a voracious reader who loves to read anything good. I am pretty sure you will face the challenge bravely and will enjoy your year abroad. I bet you will cry when you will have to come back. These adventures will not only make you strong but also give you life long memories to cherish. I know i cried æ lot more when i left england than when i left my home country 4 years back. So cheer up girl go and grab all the excitement and a beautiful year ahead of you. Good luck for the job and for the blog as well. I look forward to your next post. Miss you æ lot. Xxx

  2. Hi Pippa,
    I read the post on your blog… it made me think of me.
    We look so similar,not only am I a fool list maker ( post-it on the mirror and on the front door!) but most of all I’m leaving Italy in september for 9 or 10 months.

    As september gets closer I’m facing more and more that feeling of excitement mixted with fear of feeling alone, missing friends, relatives, boyfriend…I can’t wait to leave but in the same time it looks like I haven’t really realised what an enormous changement it will be for me , my relationships , my future…
    Me too, I’m very close to my family (may be too much) and I’ve never been far from home for so long – 3 months in uk is my “record”.

    What scares me most is missing my nephew, she is 16 months old, she lives with me and I’m a like a second mother to her. Everyday she does new things , she’s growing up so fast that I can’t believe how different she will look to me when I will see her after 2 or 3 months far from each other. Will she recognize me ?

    We don’t even know each other but I felt like sharing these things with you.

    I’ll be in Lyon too, maybe we’ll meet. I hope so, I think we would get on well.

    P.S. I’m sorry for any mistakes I may have made.

    Ciao. L.

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